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Watch our GrowBiz video here!

Watch our GrowBiz video here!

Over ten years, GrowBiz has developed a unique approach to community-based support for rural enterprise in Perthshire - and is now cited as a model of 'best practice' by the European Network for Rural Development

As part of our tenth birthday celebrations, we commissioned local photographer - and GrowBiz client - Kelly McIntyre to put together a video which would record our journey since 2007, and also celebrate how our services, including peer learning, mentoring and networking, are now enjoyed by more than 150 diverse businesses every year.

Ably assisted by our intern, Gemma Matthews, Kelly spoke to Board members and businesses whom we have worked with past and present,  all of whom were kind enough to say very nice things about GrowBiz. 

A huge thanks to Kelly and Gemma, and to all who took part in the video, which 'premiered' at our XChange & 10th Birthday celebrations at the end of June. We hope that you enjoy it!

The video, with a voiceover by Caroline Anderson can be viewed here -



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