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HMRC Partner Products and Services

HMRC Partner Products and Services

Over the last few years HMRC has been working to really understand the needs of our customers.  We know that most Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) want to get things right, but may need help to do so. We also know that many of these SMEs don’t always feel comfortable approaching us for help. Some are even completely unaware of what their obligations are. It’s these customers we are trying to reach with our SME education. We particularly want to help customers as they face key business life events, including starting in business, taking on an employee, registering for VAT, importing/exporting and incorporation.

Our education products include:

• An e-learning package for customers to work through. This covers all aspects of starting and growing a business and the package can be tailored to specific trades/professions. Thousands of businesses have already used these and found they’re a great way of learning.

• A range of webinars  These are online presentations enabling customers to attend a seminar at a time to suit them. We have both live and pre-recorded webinars covering topics such as RTI, VAT, Business Expenses, Capital Allowances and Record Keeping. Customer feedback tells us that these re a good way to get started.

• A selection of short videos on YouTube covering subjects such as Registering as Self-Employed, PAYE, Record Keeping and Construction Industry. These are a really useful way to get a quick overview on various subjects.

• Business help and education emails is a free service to provide customers with emails from HMRC that are tailored to their needs. They are designed to help customers understand what they need to do and how to get it right first time.

• Record keeping for mobile devices will enable customers to access apps  to help make life a little easier for busy people on the go. A ready reckoner is also available to help customers budget for their first tax bill and our tax help fact sheets are a good source of straightforward guidance that customers can download from our website.

Our Partner Service offers:

• The SME Tax Widget. This iframe application enables partners to display the latest tax guidance from HMRC on their own website. The Widget houses a selection of basic tax guides for small businesses in video (YouTube) and written format. This enables customers to quickly and easily find the information they need in one place. Because the information is centrally managed by HMRC, partners can be sure it is always accurate and up-to-date.

• Key Message alerts. These are monthly alerts and reminders on things like filing deadlines, the help and support available to businesses, Budget information and the latest developments from HMRC.

• HMRC Editorials. News alerts or short briefs on hot topics, for example, PAYE Real Time Information (RTI).

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