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And the latest model of Molke pants is ..

And the latest model of Molke pants is ..

Meet Phil - He's the one in the rainbow pants.

Our clients Molke manufacture women's breastfeeding friendly clothing and underwear. Having recently expanded to meet demand, they launched a Crowdfunder to raise funds for machninery required to help to achieve their expansion plans.

In the course of this, Phil Geraghty, Managing Director of Crowdfunder caught onto Molke's social media posts, a dialogue was entered into, and a challenge laid down to Phil. You have probably already guessed what that challenge was..

We are proud to have been part of the discussion with Molke into such important matters as design, size and style of underwear to be made for Phil. Just as well that we are happy to turn our hands to just about anything in our support of Perthshire rural enterprise!

Thanks to Phil for "rising to the challenge" - and well done to Molke, who at the time of writing this article, have raised £7,340 of their £10,000 target, with 23 days left to go. That is a fantastic achievement, and shows that Crowdfunding is a very viable financial option for small businesses to consider. It also shows the power of use of social media. If you are struggling with this, we hold regular learning sessions on use of social media - keep an eye on our events page for details of these, or get in touch.

You can support Molke's Crowdfunder here:



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