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GrowBiz collaboration with Perthshire photographer Nathan Mowatt

GrowBiz collaboration with Perthshire photographer Nathan Mowatt

Nathan Mowatt is a former Blairgowrie High School pupil, who is now working as a freelance photographer, and is a self-published photo book author.

In his book Risk, he explores the most thought provoking and beautiful abandoned buildings in east Scotland, including a nuclear bunker, abandoned airfield and various other abandoned buildings. Find out more about Nathan's  book, and how to purchase it here -

At GrowBiz we are working on a Toolkit - bringing together everything which we do into one manual, in the hope that other areas of the country might consider emulating the GrowBiz model.

Over the next few weeks, Nathan will be working with GrowBiz, and  assisting us with his artistic skills in the design format of our Toolkit. He will be working alongside our summer intern, Gemma Matthews, who has been pulling together content for the Toolkit. 

We are really looking forward to collaborating with Nathan - watch this space for news on our progress!

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