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We're holding a joint Strathearn, Eastern & Highland Women's Enterprise NetYurt in August

We're holding a joint Strathearn, Eastern & Highland  Women's Enterprise NetYurt in August

Our August Women's Enterprise networking event is a little bit different - we are holding a joint meeting of the Strathearn, Eastern and Highland Perthshire networks in a Yurt near Pitlochry on Wednesday 15th August.


The food will be supplied by Alex Cruikshank of Fonab Farm Foods - - and will include pizza and salad with ingredients straight from Alec's veg plot and his home made cordial from seasonal produce.


Our guest speaker is Lynn Mann of Supernature Oils. Lynn and Chris Mann started Supernature Oils in 2011, producing cold pressed rapeseed oil and Infused oils on their small, tenanted family farm, which has been in their family for over 165 years. Supernature Oils now has the broadest range of Infused oils in the UK and has become the most awarded cold pressed rapeseed oil in the UK, with 10 National Awards, out of over 30 producers in the UK. Their award-winning White and Black Truffle oils have gained listings in Harrods, and they export to several countries. Lynn is also a Member of the National Council of Rural Advisers, on the Advisory Board of Interface and a Women's Enterprise Scotland Ambassador.


Sure to be a popular event, spaces are limited so if you want to come along, it's essential that you book your place.

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