What is GrowBiz? 

GrowBiz was founded in 2007 to help local people build businesses and enterprises for themselves.

It draws on the principles of Ernesto Sirolli, who believes that the growth that comes from within the community is the best and most sustainable type to have, helping to create vibrant thriving communities in areas which may otherwise struggle. To date GrowBiz has helped over 500 individuals, small businesses and social enterprises who have created more than 100 new businesses and over 200 jobs in the Eastern and Highland areas of Perthshire. And of course many people who haven’t gone on to start a new business have had other positive outcomes including new jobs and training, education and volunteering opportunities.

The people involved with GrowBiz are there because they care passionately about local enterprises, communities and sustainable development. Find out more about our dedicated team.

Enterprising Rural Perthshire

In October 216, we launched the ‘Enterprising Rural Perthshire’ programme. Funded and supported by Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER, it’s a ‘first’ in Scotland, and its aim is to ensure that anyone starting or running a business in rural Perthshire feels connected and supported. 

Read more about LEADER.