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Launch of the Griffin & Calliachar Enterprise Fund

Launch of the Griffin & Calliachar Enterprise Fund

The Griffin and Calliachar Enterprise Fund has been launched! 

On 25th May, 2017,  SSE launched a new type of community fund designed to help Highland Perthshire entrepreneurs get their bright business ideas off the ground.

The Griffin and Calliachar Enterprise Fund is worth a total £250,000 and is aimed at existing small businesses or start-ups who can apply for either micro-grants up to £1,000, or medium sized grants up to £5,000 or larger grants of up to £20,000.

The application and administration of the fund will be handled by GrowBiz, who support community-based enterprise support in rural Perthshire.

The Enterprise Fund will sit alongside SSE’s existing Griffin and Calliacher Community Investment Fund which is the established means for the company to contribute to the communities around these windfarms.

Marianne Townsley, SSE Community Fund Manager, said:  “We are very proud to be breaking new ground with the launch of the Griffin and Calliacher Enterprise Fund. For the first time small businesses or start-ups can come to us with their bright ideas that will not only boost the local economy, but must also have a beneficial effect on the local community. We are confident that Perthshire’s entrepreneurs will use their initiative and apply for funding. SSE and our partners GrowBiz will welcome all applications for funding and with as much as £250,000 up for grabs there’s plenty to play for.” 

Catriona Rowan, Chair of GrowBiz’s voluntary board, said: “We’re excited to be managing this new Enterprise Fund in partnership with SSE.  It’s a ‘first’ for rural areas in Scotland. There are so many people with great ideas in Highland Perthshire, we’re looking forward to encouraging as many good applications as possible.  It’s crucial for the rural economy to have a strong business community, creating jobs and opportunities for local people.”

Five Key facts:

What are enterprise grants?

Enterprise grants are intended to make the Griffin and Calliachar Community Fund available to small businesses, start-up businesses and social enterprises that require grant funding to pursue their objectives. The process of applying for and receiving an enterprise grant is intended to be relatively quick and will be managed by GrowBiz.

Who will benefit from the fund?

The community council areas of Aberfeldy, Dull and Weem, Dunkeld and Birnam, Kenmore and District and Mid Atholl, Strathtay and Grandtully. So applicants must come from one of these areas.

How do I apply?

Small businesses, start-up businesses and social enterprises seeking an enterprise grant should complete the relevant application form available at:

How will the local community benefit from the fund?

It must be noted that any grant from the Enterprise fund should demonstrate a wider community benefit; therefore the following will be considered: 

*   The improvement of services available to the local communities

*  The increase of employment within the local communities

*  The improvement and development of local businesses

When is the closing date?

There is no closing date for applications for enterprise grants and applications can be accepted at any time.

 About SSE

SSE plc is one of the UK’s leading energy companies, involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and in the extraction, storage, distribution and supply of gas. Its core purpose is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. It supplies energy to around 8.08 million energy and home services customers throughout Great Britain and Ireland, is frequently ranked number one for customer service and is one the UK’s leading generators of electricity from renewable sources. It became a Living Wage employer in September 2013 and was accredited with the Fair Tax Mark in October 2014.

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