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Perth & Kinross Micro Enterprise Fund temporarily suspended

Perth & Kinross Micro Enterprise Fund temporarily suspended

We have been advised by Perth & Kinross Council that the Micro Enterprise Fund has been temporarily closed to applications, and will resume in April for the financial year 2019/20.

Our advice would be that if you are currently in the middle of putting together an application, or were planning to do so,  that you proceed to complete the application, ready for submission. We will update further when we know more, including about how applications are due to be dealt with and prioritised when the Fund reopens.

Meanwhile, GrowBiz remains happy to provide advice and support with applications.

You might want to consider booking for our Online Learning Session on Funding Applications on March 22nd from 2.00 - 3.00 p.m.,which is free and open to all.

To book, go to:



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