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SRUC Rural Scotland in Focus 2016 Report

The SRUC (Scotland's Rural Colleges) Rural Scotland in Focus Report 2016 has been published. This Report highlights the need for a coherent, measurable rural strategy situated within a national policy framework, which builds on the innovation and creativity of those in rural Scotland, and sets out proposed strategies for achieving this.

GrowBiz is featured in the report as a case study of the provision of community-based enterprise support. The piece nicely covers the services provided by us, the outcomes of the Evaluation we had done in 2015, and refers to our exciting new Enterprising Rural Perthshire collaboration. Finally it states in summary that GrowBiz "has been identified as a potential source of good practice for the provision of rural enterprise support and facilitation elsewhere in Scotland."

You can download and read the full report here -

GrowBiz features in Section 2 of the report here -


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