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GrowBiz provides a community-based enterprise support service in rural Perthshire. Until recently, it worked mainly in the Eastern and Highland areas. Now, in partnership with Business Gateway, Perthshire Chamber and PKAVS, and with funding support from LEADER*, the service is available across Perthshire.

The ‘Enterprising Rural Perthshire’ programme provides support to anyone who is considering becoming self-employed, or starting (or growing) a small business or social enterprise.  This is regardless of your age or experience - in fact, it works right across the community to include people from all backgrounds and sectors.

Services are free and confidential, and include 1-1 meetings, peer support, learning sessions, mentoring, training and networking opportunities. 

*The Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER provides funding and support for community and enterprise projects in rural Perthshire. More information at:

Success Stories

Ashleigh Slater, warpweftweave studioJenny Lyall, AgrivisionJane Wilkinson, Special Branch Baskets
I was sadly lacking business and sales acumen. All this has changed since I became involved with GrowBiz.
Jane Wilkinson, Special Branch Baskets