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GrowBiz provides a community-based enterprise support service in rural Perthshire. Until recently, it worked mainly in the Eastern and Highland areas. Now, with funding support from LEADER*, the service is available across Perthshire.

The ‘Enterprising Rural Perthshire’ programme provides support to anyone who is considering becoming self-employed, or starting (or growing) a small business or social enterprise. This is regardless of your age or experience - in fact, it works right across the community to include people from all backgrounds and sectors.

Services are free and confidential, and include 1-1 meetings, peer support, learning sessions, mentoring, training and networking opportunities.

*The Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER provides funding and support for community and enterprise projects in rural Perthshire. More information at:

Success Stories

Jane Wilkinson, Special Branch BasketsAshleigh Slater, warpweftweave studioJenny Lyall, Agrivision
It's so reassuring knowing there is always someone at the end of the phone if I need them!
Jenny Lyall, Agrivision