Get started with GrowBiz

Growbiz is a community-based enterprise support service covering Eastern and Highland Perthshire.

We provide support to anyone thinking of becoming self-employed, or starting (or growing) a small business or social enterprise. There is no age limit either upper or lower, and we work right across the community including people from all backgrounds, and those with health issues or disabilities. 

You will find a range of services including: one to one meetings with our enterprise co-ordinator, peer support, specialist advice from the GrowBiz panel, mentoring and training.

The types of support vary from business to business but can include personal development, business planning, identifying training needs and helping you access resources from providers like Business Gateway.

As well as being friendly and approachable all our services are free and confidential.

Success Stories

Ashleigh Slater, warpweftweave studioJenny Lyall, AgrivisionJane Wilkinson, Special Branch Baskets
I was sadly lacking business and sales acumen. All this has changed since I became involved with GrowBiz.
Jane Wilkinson, Special Branch Baskets